What are others saying about CrossOver™? 

Bill Sherman President, Eagle Lawn Care, Indian Rocks Beach, FL We use both standard CrossOver and CrossOver G for establishing healthy soils and plants depending on the situation.  We are primarily dealing with St Augustine in this region.  St Augustine likes a pH level in the 6.2 to 6.5 range.  Once the soil test and evaluation are done to learn pH levels and nutrient levels, we put a plan together.  As a general rule, we use standard CrossOver when plants are stressed and pH is below 6.2.  That helps correct the low pH and general health of the plants.  High pH is another matter.  It is normally high in calcium, high in bicarbonates as well as sodium.  With pH at 7 or above, we’ll go with CrossOver G.  The gypsum component targets problems with high pH, high calcium, bicarbonates and sodium.
Dave Anderson Golf Course Superintendent, Evergreen Country Club, Haymarket, Virginia I started applying CrossOver at the end of March and I’ll be using it monthly on our greens through the summer.  So far the results have been stunning.  We have poannua on our greens.  The speed of the greens has improved, turf structure, color.    I’m a believer in silicates for turf health.  I understand the environmental and biological stresses and what silicates can do.    I’m not into trying to find miracle cures, or snake oils, but so far I’ve been really impressed with CrossOver. I’ve also been pleased that we’re getting player comments about how they’ve seen improvements since starting the CrossOver program.  Specifically, they’ve mentioned the greens being tighter, better roll.  They’ve mentioned the greens have a better denser turf and better look. I’ve been here for 23 years and have been on a standard program for much of that time.  In fact, the only change I’ve made in our program over the last eight years has been CrossOver which we started this year.