Products Overview

CrossOver Introduced in Agriculture, Turf and Horticulture

CrossOverTM, a calcium and magnesium silicate soil amendment, is formulated so that the silicon (Si) is soluble and readily available to crops, turf and plants.  When soluble Si is released from CrossOver and absorbed by the plant, it can help boost the plant’s ability to withstand pressure from disease, insects and other environmental stresses

Several different CrossOver products are available to suit the specific needs of agriculture, turf and horticulture. Harsco produces gypsum, prill and

powder formulations, depending on crop and soil requirements.

The introduction of the CrossOver product line represents the culmination of a long term investment by Harsco to help meet the growing demand for high quality soluble silicon soil amendments in the agriculture, turf and horticulture markets.

Harsco makes CrossOver at the Harsco Agronomics Center in Sarver, Pennsylvania (USA).