CrossOver™ AG

From Soil to Plant™

The goal of any producer -- regardless of what is being grown -- is to supply plants with nutrients and provide protection to optimize yield and quality.  Standing between success and failure are destructive outside elements generally classified as either environmental or biological stress. Scientists more accurately define these two forms of stress to crops as abiotic or biotic. Biotic stress comes in the form of living organisms such as insects or plant pathogens. Abiotic stress is the result of heat, drought, poor soil structure, high salt content, and other environmental conditions.

While farmers already have the tools available to deal with biological threats, plants must adapt, and in large part, defend themselves against environmental stresses.

That’s where CrossOver comes in. It is a highly refined calcium and magnesium silicate soil amendment designed to help the plant do just that.  In the simplest of terms, it improves the plant’s defenses in response to environmental as well as biological stress.

When CrossOver is applied, it establishes a reservoir of water soluble calcium, magnesium and silicon in the soil providing unique benefits to the crop as well as the soil structure.  The uptake of silicon enables crops to enhance their defense mechanisms, improving their ability tolerate stress and reach their full genetic potential.

Stress responses improved by silicon include:

  • Alleviation of salt stress
  • Reduction of drought stress and heat stress
  • Promotion of balanced nutrient availability & transport
  • Improvement in plant structural strength
  • Increase in root activity
  • Increased photosynthetic activity
  • Initiation of plant defense responses resulting in disease suppression and improved resistance to insects

Silicon (Si) is now designated as a “plant beneficial substance” by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO). Silicon formulations that meet AAPFCO’s standard for plant available silicon can now list Si on fertilizer labels with the new designation backed by an established protocol for product quality, production, and accurate labeling for commercialization of silicon fertilizers.

To better understand the science behind CrossOver, we encourage you to refer to our CrossOver Ag Bulletin which can be downloaded on our web site.  The CrossOver Bulletin will also more broadly cover the product’s benefits and uses which will vary by region, soil type and climate.