CrossOver Gypsum for Horticulture

Silicon Based Soil Amendment with Gypsum

Our CrossOver Horticulture page focuses largely on the value of the product in container stock.  Field grown horticultural crops have their own unique set of challenges. CrossOver G for Horticulture is a soil amendment that fits nicely into many field grown horticultural crop management systems.

What is CrossOver G?  It is a highly refined, gypsum enhanced, calcium and magnesium silicate product in pelletized form. Its benefits include correcting chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, structural instability and toxic conditions associated with salt-affected soils.

Sodic soils can be a problem in many regions, often due to the use of reclaimed and effluent water heavy in sodium, chloride and bicarbonates.  The gypsum facilitates the leaching of sodium from the soil profile.   That can be especially beneficial in many western regions where sodic soils are common and are becoming a greater problem each year.   

CrossOver G represents a perfect blend of gypsum with calcium and magnesium silicate providing numerous benefits for crops grown on clay or sodic soils.  Its leading attribute is that it participates in biological processes that boost the plant’s ability to withstand many challenges from disease, insects and environmental stresses.

We encourage you to refer to our CrossOver Hort Technical Bulletin which can be referenced or downloaded on our web site.  The tech bulletin describes in much greater detail the make-up and benefits of CrossOver as well as its counterpart, CrossOver-G.