CrossOver TURF

Silicon Based Soil Amendment

Golf course superintendents are faced with a number of challenges each year from uncooperative weather to pests that attack fairways and greens.  It goes without saying that turfgrass will have a better opportunity to withstand such challenges of environmental stress and pests if it is provided a means to improve its defense responses. There is a clear need for amendments that correct problems for both the soil and plant.

A better solution, new from Harsco is CrossOver, a magnesium and calcium silicate-based soil amendment.

When CrossOver Turf is applied to the soil the formulated prills dissolve and release water soluble silicon.  As silicon is absorbed by the plant, it “crosses over” from its role as a soil amendment and, in effect, stimulates the plant’s natural defense systems, increasing resistance to salt, disease, insect and environmental stresses.

Under today’s environment, soil scientists and agronomists are taking a renewed look at calcium silicate, the primary component of CrossOver. 

To better understand the science behind CrossOver, we encourage you to refer to our CrossOver Turf Bulletin which can be downloaded on our web site.  The CrossOver Bulletin will also more broadly cover the product’s benefits and uses which will vary by region, soil type and climate.