CrossOver Agriculture Now Registered for Use on Vegetables and Assorted Field Crops in California

Upon application of CrossOver, crops benefit from the release of calcium, magnesium and silicates into the soil and subsequent plant uptake that helps correct magnesium and calcium deficiencies and reduces drought stress; improves tolerance to heat or cold stress; and improves plant structural strength and resistance to lodging in those crops subject to lodging. CrossOver Agriculture should be applied during field preparation prior to planting, during seeding, soon after emergence or transplanting according to label directions.

The product must be applied by light mechanical incorporation assuring soil contact for proper particle breakdown. Marketed by Numerator Technologies, Inc. and manufactured by Harsco Metals & Minerals, the product’s strong Silicon (Si) component offers an array of advantages under a number of plant and climatic conditions. It is unique in that it enhances the crop’s ability to resist and tolerate a number of environmental stresses. Production and formulation of Si and Si blends have been brought into sharper focus by both the academic and commercial sectors in hopes of increasing general awareness of the agronomic benefits they provide.

Introduced last year, CrossOver is being sold domestically and will also be distributed and sold under the CrossOver brand internationally. CrossOver is currently registered for use on both monocots and dicots in most states.