CrossOver Gypsum Formulations Cleared in California

CrossOver Agriculture and CrossOver Turf were registered in California earlier this year.  Now the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) has approved the gypsum formulations for both products.  CrossOver G Ag and CrossOver G Turf are approved for use on the same labeled crops as the standard CrossOver Products.

CrossOver G Agriculture is approved on all common cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, brassica vegetables, legumes and tuberous vegetables.  It is also cleared for use on field crops such as corn (sweet, field and seed corn), soybeans, rice, wheat, sugarcane, sorghum, alfalfa, barley, oats and switchgrass.  CrossOver G Turf is approved for all standard turf grasses.

Harsco felt CrossOver G would be an excellent formulation to round out the CrossOver product line.  It broadens the soil types and plant species that can benefit from the plant available silicon in CrossOver.

About CrossOver G

CrossOver G is a highly refined, gypsum enhanced, calcium and magnesium silicate product in granular form. Its benefits are associated with a comprehensive set of beneficial geochemical reactions proven to be highly efficient and effective at correcting soil chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, structural instability and toxic conditions associated with salt.

CrossOver G is unique, inasmuch as it behaves as a functional hybrid. When its silicon constituent is released from CrossOver G and absorbed by the plant, it actively participates in a number of biological processes that boost the plant’s ability to withstand many challenges from all forms of environmental stresses.

CrossOver G is a highly effective fertilizer for use on sodic soils. Sufficient calcium is supplied by CrossOver G to address calcium loss due to sodium replacement to initiate soil flocculation needed to promote improved soil structure and air-to-water ratios.

Enhanced soil stabilization from CrossOver G occurs when calcium and silicate released from CrossOver G form unique geopolymers that act as binders, holding soil particles and improving flocculation and agglomeration beyond what can be expected by calcium alone.

The gypsum contained in the CrossOver G formulation is used to improve water infiltration rates into soils and help prevent swelling clays and crusting of soils. Gypsum’s sulfate anion also attaches to free sodium forming sodium sulfate that can then be leached from the soil profile.

CrossOver G represents a perfect blend of gypsum with calcium and magnesium silicate that provides a robust approach to correct salt-affected fine textured soils.

We should note that CrossOver G products have already been registered in most states along with the standard CrossOver.

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